“I have gone to counseling before, but all I did was talk about my stress and issues at home and work. The counselor never gave me any skills or techniques I can use to mitigate stress. At least nothing in writing and who’s going to remember all this stuff? Marie was awesome. She told me from day one that therapists don’t cure people. I have to do the work. When one technique didn’t work for me (journaling), she found another for me to try. I can use the skills I learn not just at work, but in my relationship with my spouse, my kids, and in the market place.” Janet S.


“My husband and I starting going to counseling last year with Marie. Marie taught us the key to better communication, complementing each other and having a healthy marriage. We learned how to be better communicators, knowing how to discuss things when one of us is upset or holding on to things that may be bothering us. We both learned that lack of communication will slowly destroy a marriage, that’s when we go back to the key steps we were taught. Without Marie’s help I do not think my husband and I would have been able to handle a lot of situations that came up in our marriage.

 I would recommend Marie without a delay. She listens very carefully to both parties before giving us advise on how we should handle a situation. If we need counseling again, Marie will be the first person we call.” Felicia B


“Marie was a gift from the divine. I will use her again.” Claudia C.


“Muy agradecida por el profecionalismo y dedicacion de Marie. Me yudo mucho a entender mis pensamientos y problemas. Y gracias a su ayuda pude salir poco a poco y tambiem como Cristiana ella entiende mi fe y sabe que Dios es primero.”  Evelyn B.


“These sessions  have helped me to gain more knowledge  about setting boundaries and working on being assertive. I am looking forward to continue and practice and additional sessions.”  Monique M.


“I have been a skeptic about counseling for quite some time.  So I was not sure what to expect when I decided to visit Port of Peace.  Marie instantly made me feel comfortable and able to open up about what I felt inside.  She took me on a journey to find the answers that live within myself.  I was able to find things I needed to address with her guidance.  I now know how to identify and uphold boundaries with my love ones.  Thank you for showing me the light that shines from within.”  John S.