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May 17

How can I help my spouse understand our baby needs me?


Ask Marie? We just had our first baby 6 months ago. My husband doesn’t want the baby to sleep in our bed. How can I help my spouse understand our baby needs me?    Congratulations on your baby. The first baby brings so much joy, and at the same time it is a learning experience. …

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Feb 09

Marital Harmony and Parenting Go Hand in Hand


Marriage by itself takes work. To be quite honest lots and lost of work. Imagine putting a child  in this beautiful mixture. A child is a blessing, but it is the same blessing that can break or pull a couple apart. The child is not the cause of the marital issues but the couple’s responses …

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Aug 15

What Will Your Kid Say About Your Marriage?

Jannoon028 FDP

Your kid will tell a story about your marriage. What will be your story? Your know children are like sponges; they soak up everything that they see and hear. My son will turn 2 years old next month and it is so funny to see him imitating me and my husband. If we hug, he …

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Jul 18

10 Tips To Create a Strong Family Unit

Tara Elizabeth Flickr

It is in a woman’s nature to create a strong and functional family unit with her spouse. The family unit might differ from home to home. However, commitment, unity, quality time are some family values that most women desired in a mate. Having the desire to have a strong family is one thing, but seeing …

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May 19

Lessons from Love Busters


READ TO FEED YOUR MARRIAGE – GREAT MARRIAGES REQUIRE HEALTHY FOOD. Read to Feed Your Marriage allows you to read a great marriage book by a world renowned marriage expert and you get a licensed counselor to give you weekly tips and challenges to transform your marriage from average to amazing.  Join us from March …

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Mar 14

Will you let your children take you to court too?


Raising children is one of the most rewarding experiences a couple can share.  Two individuals coming together to love, train, discipline, educate, encourage and inspire a baby to mature into a functional and responsible adult. That is not an easy job and it can create a strain in marriage. Last week, I came across a …

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Dec 20

What Can You Learn from A Child?


Children have a funny way of teaching life lessons unexpectedly. I knew motherhood would teach me patience on a new level, but the marriage lessons I have been getting from my son have been priceless. My last class started when my son ran to my husband to escape bath time.  The issue was not the …

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