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Jul 18

10 Tips To Create a Strong Family Unit

Tara Elizabeth Flickr

It is in a woman’s nature to create a strong and functional family unit with her spouse. The family unit might differ from home to home. However, commitment, unity, quality time are some family values that most women desired in a mate. Having the desire to have a strong family is one thing, but seeing …

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Mar 19

2 Ingredients that Make any Marriage Work


Working with Christian couples who want to save their marriages has been a joy for me. It is a pleasure to see men and women committed to make their marriages work. Sometimes Christian couples are at a crossroad in their marriages because they let the burdens of life destroy the joy that God created marriage …

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Feb 07

A Spiritually Connected Marriage


Is that even possible? I am not talking about just going to church. You can go to church every day and still lack to have a spiritually connected marriage. I am talking about having the same core spiritual convictions and building a Christ-centered marriage. It is not a surprise that religion discord is one of the …

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Dec 27

A New Idea That’s not So New


This idea is so obvious, but so many couples do not even consider it. It is like a fine diamond waiting to be discovered.  I must say I applied it to money, work, etc., but just like many couples it never crossed my mind to apply to marriage. However, I can tell you the day …

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