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May 22

The Simplest Way to Encourage Your Spouse Today


Monday Marriage Motivation The simplest way to encourage your spouse is saying I love you. However, it is so simple that most couple really forget to use it daily. Life is stressful by itself. Marriage can be quite challenging. These three simple words: I LOVE YOU can really be a lifeline that keep your marriage alive. …

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May 08

What Kind of Marriage Do You Want?

Monday Marriage Motivation The question might  have got you off your current thought pattern. That is okay. Don’t ignore the question. Answer it. Don’t keep reading until you can actually picture the marriage you want. Do you wish you could connect  at a deeper level with your spouse? Or, has the word marriage has been …

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Aug 29

5 Reasons You Should Lean Into Your Marriage Conflicts

David Dominici Castello - FDP

For many couple facing marriage conflicts is like walking on egg shells. Deep down inside, there is a desire to have a healthy marriage. However, most couples look the other way instead of getting acquainted with their marriage problems. Consequently, you see two individuals dancing a game of marriage doom. On one of my recent …

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Aug 15

What Will Your Kid Say About Your Marriage?

Jannoon028 FDP

Your kid will tell a story about your marriage. What will be your story? Your know children are like sponges; they soak up everything that they see and hear. My son will turn 2 years old next month and it is so funny to see him imitating me and my husband. If we hug, he …

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Aug 13

Is Your Marriage Operating on Short-Term Gains?

Imagerymajestic FDP

A husband had an argument with his wife. He decided to leave their house right after the argument to “teach her a lesson.” Since his wife did not respond the way he wanted, he proceeded to not come home that night. The D-word (Divorce) was discussed; they ended in my office. This couple engaged me …

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Jul 02

Is Chivalry Dying in Marriage?

Roberto Trm Flickr

If there ever was an institution where I would expect to find a hint chivalry, it would be in marriage. I know time has evolved, but the notion that every girl wants a knight in shining armor and every boy wants a princess still exist. So, it was a huge surprise to watch a husband …

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Jun 06

Change Your Focus, Change Your Marriage


What if I tell you there is one idea that can drastically change your marriage. It is not a gimmick. In fact, I have seen it work with over 20 couples just this year. And, it has worked for many couples over the years. It is not a new idea and I didn’t invent it. …

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Feb 24

Lessons from His Needs, Her Needs


READ TO FEED YOUR MARRIAGE – GREAT MARRIAGES REQUIRE HEALTHY FOOD. Read to Feed Your Marriage allows you to read a great marriage book by a world renowned marriage expert and you get a licensed counselor to give you weekly tips and challenges to transform your marriage from average to amazing.  Join us from January …

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Feb 21

What will be your legacy?


Your children might do what you say, but chances are they are more likely to do what you do. You might not like it. Face it, you are their role model. What will be your marriage legacy? When you are married, the “do I as said, but not as I do” phrase is not applicable. …

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Jan 29

My Top Ten Favorite Marriage Quotes


Great marriages need constant enrichment. Although most couples walk down the aisle madly in love, everyday life happens. Couples who do not have any support and encouragement in their marriage toolbox suffer greatly. For some couples daily stress is just a test. For some couples daily stress lead to the dreaded divorce. One way, I …

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