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Discover How Working with a Counselor Can Help You
Make the Changes You Want Quickly and Effectively


When is the right time to get into counseling? That’s an important question, and one that only you can answer. But if now feels like the right time to for you to begin taking the next step forward in your life, then you might want to consider the benefits of working with a counselor.

  • Do the everyday stresses of life seem to be getting to you?
  • Do life’s challenges look more like barriers than opportunities for growth?
  • Do you feel stuck trying to solve your issues by yourself?
  • Do you feel ineffective in making the changes that you want or the progress you would like?

Something may be going on in your life that is causing you distress. You may be experiencing relationship issues with your spouse or significant other, difficulties with your children, trouble getting along with other family members, work related problems with your boss or a co-worker, an inability to set or attain your goals, or a recent divorce, illness, or loss.


By providing you support and guidance I can help you move more effectively through the difficulties in your life.

When one or more of these types of difficulties take place in your life it can lead to feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, worry, loneliness, confusion, or overwhelm.


I can help you learn how to better navigate and more quickly recover from the painful experience of negative emotions.

Other signs that indicate counseling could be helpful are when you experience behaviors that seem either uncharacteristic of you or that you would like to change:

  • You feel unhappy or have a sense of hopelessness
  • You worry excessively or feel constantly on edge
  • You have problems sleeping at night
  • You lack of motivation
  • You have problems concentrating
  • You experience low self confidence
  • You see yourself slipping into destructive patterns
  • You feel stuck and need help getting your life back on track

When you experience problems like these you may find yourself spending time mulling them over internally and trying to figure out a solution. Maybe you have tried talking to friends or family members, but it hasn’t helped. Or, you may not have anyone to talk with who can listen to you and understand your issues in the way that you need.


Counseling can help you to create a plan for your future while healing negative patterns from your past.

I’m a counselor who can teach you how to stop letting the negative patterns prevent you from getting what you want. I can effectively guide you to take actions that will lead to more positive outcomes in your life. I will help you to gain clarity and awareness about the specific ways in which you get diverted from what you want. And, I will teach you how to stay on track so you have the knowledge and understanding of how to live a more satisfying and enjoyable life.


What You Can Expect

Counseling is a collaborative process between you and me, and begins by identifying your goals, creating a plan for reaching your goals, and measuring your progress along the way. Counseling helps you objectively look at your behavior in your relationships and in your life in general. By gaining a better self-understanding of how you function as a person, you can begin to make better decisions, have more satisfying relationships, and develop more effective ways of dealing with the challenges in your life.

Counseling consists of private confidential sessions with you and me, typically on a weekly basis, at my office or over the phone, for 45-minutes at a time. During that time the focus will be on you, and generating ideas and solutions toward reaching your goals. In addition, I may assign homework for you to complete outside of our session time that will support you in achieving your desired outcome.

There are many approaches to dealing with life’s issues. Often, the counseling process includes learning new problem-solving or coping skills, increasing self-understanding, exploring life patterns, and gaining a better sense of how you are influenced by others in your life and your surroundings. Our sessions will be very solution-focused, and are designed to help you make the changes in your life that you desire as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you are ready to start learning the types of skills needed to have a happier and more satisfying life, and you want to begin developing a life-style that is consistent with your goals, call me at 404.987.9099 to schedule an appointment with me today.


With Love & Peace,