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Pre-Marital Investment Packages

Pre-Marital Investment Packages






Below you will see an overview of my pre-marital investment packages Marriage is the only relationship we are called to spend the rest of our lives with someone. The only relationship we are called to become one. No one walk down the aisle with the mindset “I will divorce one day.” However, it is the lack of planning that leads couples to divorce. We spend time in elementary school, middle school, high school and college, in order to prepare for a career one day. Why not invest in your marriage and build a strong foundation for life? In the August 2000 volume of Journal of Marriage and Family, John Gottman reported that couples who are likely to get divorce are couples who exhibited negative patterns (i.e. stonewalling, defensiveness, contempt and criticism) during conflict. Set your marriage for success today. Do not be a statistic. If you desire to have a fully satisfying marriage that pleases God, please book your pre-marital investment package today.

Becoming One for Total Marriage Success – $2847 


“Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they’re on the same side.” ― Zig Ziglar


Two individuals take a lifelong vow to be one. Becoming one with your spouse can be one of the hardest transitions in marriage. However, with the appropriate tools, support and spousal unity it can be a joyous lifelong journey. This is the ultimate blueprint for marriage success. This package encompasses 16 sessions and TWO FREE CHECK UPS after the wedding – An assessment and action plan session, 15 sessions that address deepening the 6 level of intimacies in marriage, life planning, conflict resolution, discussing expectations, leaving and cleaving emotionally and physically, creating and executing a marriage mission, etc. This is a minimum of 6 months commitment. Couples are expected to complete assignment prior to sessions. Couple has up to a year after the wedding to redeem the FREE CHECK UPS.


Typical successes range from:

Discussing expectations before marriage

Build a financial legacy plan

Build an environment of honesty and openness

Set appropriate boundaries to protect the marriage

Being more available emotionally and sexually

Create a budget

Give more love

Learn and appreciate the differences of the opposite sex

Increase communication skills

Pay debts

Give more respect

Addressed past destructive patterns

Creating a plan for continual marital growth


Couples who completed the Becoming One for Total Marriage Success have reported success in addressing coupling in the first year of marriage.


If you are looking to learn techniques to have lasting unity with your spouse, this is the package for you. Becoming one will be an exciting experience.


If you are ready to invest in your marriage, BUY THIS PACKAGE NOW  –  $ 2, 847.00 NOW