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Marriage Enrichment Packages

Great marriages take works. The kind of work that really yield fruits. Most couple expect their marriage to thrive and flourish, but their marriage are starving. For some couple the last marriage enrichment they had was the wedding ceremony message.

Can you marriage really survive on one meal?

Marriage enrichment is lifestyle. Couple come to counseling when the relationship is really on a sick bed  and some wait until the deathbed of divorce are face to face before they react.

Don’t fall for  this trap.

One of the most rewarding experiences a couple can share is a healthy and full marriage.  Two individuals coming together to love, forgive, educate, encourage and inspire each other to be their best self. In order for that task to be accomplished, the marriage will need more than the wedding ceremony diet.






Package 1 – Feed your relationship a great diet. This package requires a 3 months commitment. Couple will establish – $1,680.00

Deeper communication

Dig into the roots of the issue

Establish a marriage mission statement

Establish goals together

Learn conflicts resolution and problem solving strategies

Establish trust and much more

Pay Now – $1680.00

Package 2 – Don’t tear each other down. You are trying to accomplish the same goal. You are on the same team. This package requires at least a month commitment. This is the package that will help you to move closer to your spouse instead of bickering about the same old argument – $647.00  

Learn how to meet each others’ needs

Learn your partner’s personality style  

Learn to spot argument cues  

Pay Now – $647.00


Package 3 – Pay for 60 Minutes Relationship Makeover Session. Note that couple are require to fill out an assessment before session. This is for the motivated couple who can execute a plan. If you have been doing well and just hit a bump, this is a perfect package to get you o the rack track. You Must Leave Session Ready to Implement Plan. – $227.00

Pay Now – $227.00

Package 4 You have a choice. You do not have to experience the pain of going to court with your spouse. Nurture and feed your marriage. Perhaps, you are on the fence.  Pay for one 45 minutes session.  The best gift you can give yourself and  your children is being an excellent spouse and work together to raise them to be responsible adult. Don’t fall for the trend of waiting for your relationship to be in poor health to give it some nourishment. – $180.00


 Pay Now – $180.00


Package 5 – Are you a returning client looking for a power session.  I would love to hear from you. Call me and Get your Power Session Checklist and Pay for your session here. Let us review your goals. Track your progress and set you to keep winning in life and in your marriage.  –  $140.00  


Pay Now –  $140.00