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Jun 14

How Can We Increase Romance in Our Marriage?

Ask Marie? How can we increase romance in our marriage?   Romance is so crucial to keep a relationship alive. However, if a couple is not intentional, everyday life issues can kill the romance. What is romance? Romance is simple, thoughtful and sometime spontaneous. Romance is doing what your spouse needs to feel loved. Romance is …

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May 15

3 Reasons Your Marriage Needs the “Boundary Talk”


Monday Marriage Motivation The word boundary is really not a curse word. In fact, it is a very freeing word. It allows each spouse to know how to freely love each other. It defines what is and what is not permissible in a marriage. You would think that every couple in America would have the …

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May 10

Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?


Ask Marie? Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?     With money fights and money problems being one of the main causes of divorce, I advocate for couples to have joint accounts 99.9% of the time. There is a saying if you follow the money, you will find the trail. Money can break a …

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Mar 18

Will you let your children take you to court too?

Raising children is one of the most rewarding experiences a couple can share.  Two individuals coming together to love, train, discipline, educate, encourage and inspire a baby to mature into a functional and responsible adult. That is not an easy job and it can create a strain in marriage. Last week, I came across a …

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Feb 25

4 Ways to Say I Love You by Giving Affection

Touch is universal. Touch is powerful. No dictionary is needed to define a loving touch. No translator is needed to translate the love that is communicated with a single touch. Yet many married couples are not using physical touch as a tool to express love in their marriages. In time of crisis, we hold hands; …

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Feb 23

What Are the Old Patterns Doing to Your Marriage?


You were born  in a functional family or perhaps you had a difficult upbringing. Whether you would admitted openly or you choose to ignore it. All of us have some baggage from our family origin. Ignoring the baggage only hurt our marriage. Some couples are afraid to address family origin issues because they want to …

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Feb 20

Are You Speaking to Your Spouse’s Heart?


Last week I was asked a question that triggers me to write this post about reaching a spouse’s heart. The question was “How do you speak to your spouse’s heart when they are no longer in the marriage emotionally? Honestly, I wish there was a simple answer, but when it comes to marriage, there are …

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Feb 18

The One Practice That Will Change Your Marriage


Have you ever thought why your spouse is not meeting some of your emotional needs? All of us have been there at one point.  For some couples this issue can be resolved with just a simple conversation. For others, more work is needed. You probably have grumbled about it or used the old silent  guessing …

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Feb 16

3 Communication Tips That Are Needed in Every Couple’s Toolbox


You know there have been many occasions I’m working with a couple, and they are stuck in the same argument over and over again. The issue is not that the couple is arguing about one specific event. It is usually different events that bring the same argument and complaint. You  probably can hear it in …

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Feb 13

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas to Spice Up Your Marriage


This Valentine, go to the distance. Fill your spouse’s love tank abundantly. Don’t hold back.  Love freely and leave your spouse’s eyes with a sparkle that shines beyond Valentine’s Day. Get more tips to start before Valentine’s Day.   Here are 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Marriage:          …

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