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May 15

3 Reasons Your Marriage Needs the “Boundary Talk”


Monday Marriage Motivation The word boundary is really not a curse word. In fact, it is a very freeing word. It allows each spouse to know how to freely love each other. It defines what is and what is not permissible in a marriage. You would think that every couple in America would have the …

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May 10

Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?


Ask Marie? Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?     With money fights and money problems being one of the main causes of divorce, I advocate for couples to have joint accounts 99.9% of the time. There is a saying if you follow the money, you will find the trail. Money can break a …

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May 08

What Kind of Marriage Do You Want?

Monday Marriage Motivation The question might  have got you off your current thought pattern. That is okay. Don’t ignore the question. Answer it. Don’t keep reading until you can actually picture the marriage you want. Do you wish you could connect  at a deeper level with your spouse? Or, has the word marriage has been …

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Feb 09

Marital Harmony and Parenting Go Hand in Hand


Marriage by itself takes work. To be quite honest lots and lost of work. Imagine putting a child  in this beautiful mixture. A child is a blessing, but it is the same blessing that can break or pull a couple apart. The child is not the cause of the marital issues but the couple’s responses …

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Jan 05

Winning in Your Marriage After a Divorce


I cannot even begin to imagine the pain a divorce  can bring. Whether the marriage was painful  and the divorce was the last resort, the loss of dreams, the heartache of starting over, picking up fallen pieces, there is no painless way to end a marriage. So, I truly admire couples who  work to heal themselves …

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Nov 14

3 Reasons You Should Get Regular Maintenance in Your Marriage


I was talking to a close friend who leads a marriage group in her church. She was expressing some frustration due to lack of participation she is experienced from many married couples in her church. The sad part of this discussion many of these couples are on the verge of divorce, but they refused to …

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Jun 25

Speak to The Heart


Last week I was asked a question that triggers me to write this post about reaching a spouse’s heart. The question was “How do you speak to your spouse’s heart when they are no longer in the marriage emotionally? Honestly, I wish there was a simple answer, but when it comes to marriage, there are …

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Jun 20

Why Your Marriage Might Need a Vacation


I really didn’t realize how much we needed a vacation until we started planning one.  I have been to Savannah, GA before, but we were just married couple without a toddler.  Like most married couples, we have a lot of responsibilities – work, social life, and like others parenting.  One of the most important responsibilities …

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Oct 31

Marriage Tool Thursday – Faith


Time after time, I notice one difference in the couples who succeed in their marriages vs. the ones who do not succeed – faith. Faith the marriage will get better. Faith that the hard time is temporary, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a Pollyanna mentality (having faith …

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Oct 18


Last night, I attended the Douglas County Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigil. In 2013 alone, thirty six individuals who lived in Georgia lost their lives due to domestic violence. Love does not have to hurt or leave physical or emotional scars. Love does not have to control you to the point of suffocation. Love does not …

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