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My name is Marie-Violene Mertilus. My Father is the King of kings.   I am a catalyst of positive change, a wife, a mother and a marriage saver. My mission is to teach couples to communicate effectively, so they can have peace and joy in their marriages.  I use this website to write on marriage and family issues. I counsel and coach couples to build loving, committed, fulfilling and healthy relationship. I don’t believe that perfect marriages exist.  However, I believe that God created marriage to be fulfilling and couples can strive for excellence in their marriage.

My passion for couples started in 2003. I have been practicing since 2005. In 2010, God granted me the opportunity to launch Port of Peace Counseling, so I can reach to married couples.  My goal as a wife is to be my husband’s suitable helper and number one fan. My goal as a marriage saver is to help couples create marriages that are full of peace and joy. I have counseled and coached couples from many different countries and different walks of life. One common theme always emerges in my work with couples – healthy marriages take work.  Whether you live in United States or across the globe, I would love to partner with you and help you build a marriage that is pleasing to God and that bring you peace and joy

I have been married to my husband Robinson for nine years. We have one son. We live in Douglasville, GA.

I am originally from Port-de-Paix, Haiti. I have been living in United States since 1995. I speak fluent French, Spanish and Haiti Creole.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, vintage shopping and selling and spending time with my family.


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