Jun 14

How Can We Increase Romance in Our Marriage?

Ask Marie?

How can we increase romance in our marriage?  

Romance is so crucial to keep a relationship alive. However, if a couple is not intentional, everyday life issues can kill the romance.

What is romance? Romance is simple, thoughtful and sometime spontaneous. Romance is doing what your spouse needs to feel loved. Romance is creating an environment of warmth. Romance can lead to sexual intimacy, but a relationship cannot survive if the only reason for romance is sex.


When should couple initiate romance? Every day. Romance requires daily practice. Do not wait for the end of the day to romance your spouse. At the end of the day, you are probably tired.

How can you demonstrate romance? This question is extremely important. Communication with your spouse will determine how you demonstrate romance. It might be with an encouraging text, a simple note, a breakfast in bed or a massage. Whatever it is. Do it. No marriage can flourish without romance.

Question: What does the word romance means to you? What does the word  romance means to your spouse?

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