Jun 12

Dreaming Big? 4 Ways To Support Each Others’ Dreams & Win

Monday Marriage Motivation

There are too many single married couples around these days. The term single married couple should not even exist but it does. The term refers to married couples who willingly walked down the aisle, took the vows under no threat or duress but after marriage both spouses behave as single individuals. They pay bill separately, finances are separate, no common interests and the worst of all they dream separately.

One ship heading two different directions. A couple that dreams stays together. In becoming one as a couple, dreaming together to achieve goals individually and as a couple is crucial. Two are really better than one because dreaming with your spouse is not only building intimacy. Each spouse has a counselor, a personal sounding board, a devoted supporter and accountability partner that is there 100%.


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Don’t be a single married couple. You did not walk down the aisle for a mere performance. This is one of the most neglected areas of marriage and you can start reaping the benefits today.

Here are 4 Ways to Dream Big With Your Spouse & Win

Start by dreaming together – This is really the first step that can help you and your spouse go beyond the limits that your lack of sharing have imposed in your marriage. Dreaming big means just sharing ideas you have had for years out in the open. Did you ever wanted to travel aboard? Do you wish to build your own home? Have you ever considered open a business? Let your dreams flow out of your head. Lack of sharing dreams lead to dreams dying. The reason this step is so crucial because it allows your spouse to hear your desires and how far you want to fly. and if you have a spouse that is not a dreamer, you might inspire him or her to go in search of dreams. Don’t be afraid to dream with your spouse. You will learn to dream as an individual, for each other ad for the marriage.

Create  specific goals – Hearing each other’s dreams create intimacy. You really get to see your spouse desires and wish. You hear what he or she wants to become. It is like a spark of light flickering in a dark room. When you start creating specific goals as a couple, you are taking mere ideas from sparks to really lighting the whole room.  Both of you can start seeing the possibilities. Creating goals that support each other’s dreams require teamwork. You have to be active in your marriage for teamwork to take place. Set a  starting and achieving dates. Share your potential challenges about your goals with your spouse and request accountability the way that it will propel you to accomplish your goals.

Plan for  schedule goals revision and checking in – No schedule revision and check in lead to your goals fallen off track. Your spouse might have dreams about opening a business, set specific goals. What happened when he or she is faced with an obstacles and you are not there for each other. Obstacles will come. Fears will rise. It is in the midst of the chaos you can support each other. A little encouragement can help your spouse achieve his or her dreams and not give up.

Celebrate the wins – Having gone through these steps myself, I can assure you celebrating each wins with your spouse bring you closer than you would have imagined. You really get to see the results of putting two minds as one to help each other succeed. You get to thank each other for the journey that you lived as a couple. You get to reminisce overcoming the struggles.No matter how small the win is, go celebrate. Even if it is a cup of coffee. Both of you deserve it.

Don’t live a single life while you are married. Reap the full benefits of your marriage by dreaming together, creating goals together, plan to  uplift each other and celebrate your wins. Two are better than one because you can achieve more by putting your head together. Go ahead turn your dreams into reality. 


Take Action 

Marriage Tip – Make a list of dreams that have been on your heart. Share them with your spouse . Write down together some of the dreams that you and your spouse would like to create specific goals for.

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Questions –  What is one goal you want to achieve in the next 3 months? Share the details with you spouse? Find out a goal that your spouse would like to accomplished in the next 3 months. Ask your spouse  one specific way you can help support him or her in achieving this goal.


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