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5 Ways to Increase Your Marriage Spiritual Intimacy

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Spirituality can mean many things to individuals. In a marriage, spirituality can be a bond that help the marriage grow or a point of contention. There are couples that argue that their spouse not going to church or pray. Spirituality in marriage really goes beyond just sitting at the pews on Sunday or attending midweek on Wednesdays. Attending service is one of the ways you can build a spiritual connection with your spouse. However, there are endless ways to build spiritual intimacy with your spouse. Spirituality can really be a way of life that triggers great intimacy in every area of your marriage.

If you have not tapped into spirituality powers to create a great marriage, you are missing out. When you are facing hard times, you can pray with each other or pray for each other. If you are feeling overwhelming, instead of running away or argue with each other meditate.


Photo Courtesy of Irina Patrascu under Flickr Creative Commons

Here are 5 Tips That Have Helped me to Create a Spiritual Connection with My Spouse:  

1. Meditate together – I can attest to this tip personally. Meditation is not only relaxing, but it triggers so much clarity. I have meditated with scriptures, positive affirmations, eastern music and positive quotes and it keeps me  and my spouse on a positive note. 

2. Read a book from the Bible – I have read Proverbs with my husband. To this date, this is an annual activity I look forward to. We learn so much from each other. This can be a great accountability exercise. As you practice what you learned from reading, you can keep checking on each other and encouraging each other to grow.  

3. Pray together – When you have hard times or want to celebrate victories, praying together can really trigger togetherness. Two hearts petitioning , thanking and praising God. I can tell you hearing my husband praying for me have encouraged me in many situations. Hearing his prayers gives me a door to his heart. Go on a prayer walk, start a prayer journal or just get on your knees together, you will see wonders.

4. Pray for each other – Praying for my spouse have really softened my heart throughout our marriage. There have been times I gained clarity about situations because I prayed. Sure, it is great to pray together, but praying for your spouse’s goals, dreams, struggles, can really help you understand their point of view. 

5. Study a spiritual book together – I’m not talking about a marriage book. I’m talking about a book that will challenge you to grow to the core in your spiritual convictions. A few years ago, we read Grace by Max Lucado.  All I can say is Wow. Talking about our convictions and gaining new insights on grace was just the beginning. The book focused on grace, but I can tell you the benefits were spiritual, emotional and it helped our marriage tremendously.

Whether you have created a great spiritual connection with your spouse or looking to establish a deeper spiritual connection, use the above tips. My marriage has benefited exponentially from these tips. Start getting spiritual connected with your spouse today.



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