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Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?

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Should married couples have joint or separate accounts?  


With money fights and money problems being one of the main causes of divorce, I advocate for couples to have joint accounts 99.9% of the time. There is a saying if you follow the money, you will find the trail. Money can break a relationship if spouses are hiding money from each other. Consequently, all accounts should be acknowledged. Only on rare and isolated cases should there be separate accounts. If you are hiding money from your spouse, there is a deeper issue. When there is one bed and one bank account, there is a push to work together on finances. A husband who is communicating with his wife on finances would have to intentionally hide spending money on porn addiction. A husband with a separate account on the other hand  can just keep the lie going without having the accountability of his spouse. Having two extra pair of eyes on the finances can help couple: plan for the future, budget effectively, set a success financial legacy for their children, and  set financial dreams together.




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Separate account with a spouse knowledge is acceptable if there are legal issues from blended family situation or a previous marriage, addiction with a spouse in recovery. There is only a rare occasion when a hidden account is appropriate. It is only when a spouse is facing domestic violence. In the case of domestic violence, an abusive partner can use money to keep the victim isolated so hidden account can facilitate the victim to leave and set a life for freedom.


Don’t allow secrets about finances to destroy your marriage. 


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Marriage Tip – Ask your spouse about one financial dreams he or she would like to accomplish? Share a financial dreams with your spouse.


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