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10 Tips To Create a Strong Family Unit

It is in a woman’s nature to create a strong and functional family unit with her spouse. The family unit might differ from home to home. However, commitment, unity, quality time are some family values that most women desired in a mate. Having the desire to have a strong family is one thing, but seeing that desire being fulfilled by a spouse is at the utmost importance. Many couples fail to discuss family commitment expectations before they say. “I do”.  Coming from different backgrounds and being exposed to different parenting styles, couples who want to have  successful marriage will invest the time to discuss family commitment.

A wife might expect her husband to be the disciplinarian and helped the children with homework. Nevertheless, if the husband sees discipline and homework help as the wife’s duties, this couple will pass each other as two sailing ships going in the opposite direction. Many husbands do a great job providing financially for the family, but they neglect the family emotional needs. Consequently, they are working in vain.

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To avoid, unnecessary conflicts husband and wife need to be on the same page about family commitment. Listed below are 10  tips to create a strong family unit.


  1.     Talk about roles and expectations of each spouse as mother and  as a father

   2.     Spend quality and fun time as family

   3.     Discuss parenting rules

   4.     Be a united front when parenting the children

   5.     Be consistent in parenting

  6.     Help and support each other’s decision

  7.     Get help since children do not come with a handbook

   8.     Remember you are on the same team

   9.     Know the different aspects of parenting (i.e. training, disciplining, teaching, encouraging, etc)

10.  Do not let your anger interfere with family commitment

Husbands – If your wife’s need is family commitment, you need to dedicate the time to fulfill that need. A husband who does not meet family commitment need in his household destroy his family.

Wives – Work together with your husband to create a lasting family unit.


Question: What are some tips you use to create a strong family unit in your household?


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  • http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com/ Ann Musico

    Wonderful tips Marie. Being on the same page – agreeing on parenting style are so important and they become even more important as children become teenagers! Communication is key!

  • http://www.aterriblehusband.com/about/ A Terrible Husband

    Great stuff! It’s so powerful to be open and set expectations that both spouses agree on from the start, particularly with children who will then know what to expect and receive more consistent parenting from both spouses. Great post! We’re working hard on these too!

  • http://portofpeacecounseling.com/ Marie Mertilus

    You said it correctly – communication is the key. When a couple is on the same page with parenting style, they avoid unnecessary conflicts.This is one of the best gifts parents can give their children. So powerful, the children will see teamwork, conflict resolution, problem solving, etc. Parents that are not on the same page are modeling chaos.

  • http://portofpeacecounseling.com/ Marie Mertilus

    Thanks for sharing Nick. You are on the right track. Consistent parenting from both spouses really make the children feel more secure. The parents don’t get play by the children. Consequently, both spouses feel supported by each other. I applaud you for working on parenting expectations.